Monday, August 22, 2011

When the Truth Is

The reason for this blog has finally come. My departure date has arrived. I guess the reality that I am leaving my comfort zone for a good 10-11 months is hitting me and my feelings differ. It's hard to say that I am completely excited and glad to be leaving because actually I'm not. Nostalgia is perhaps what I'm getting at the moment. I am not all that frightened, I'm just sort of sorry that my mom will spend this year alone without my presence. But I will make sure to keep in touch with this side of the world as much, yet as limited as possible; If that makes sense.

The luggage's are at their full capacity, and might I add, it was not a pleasant task to organize and eliminate clothing options. "Should this stay or go", it's a pretty difficult scenario to be placed in knowing I'll most likely buy stuff over in France and have to leave some of my now favorite clothing articles there for a lack of room. So, hopefully this does not have to happen.

Well I am looking forward to opening a new chapter in my life that I have waited for for quite a while now. Seeing all my friends moving on to their college lives makes my move somewhat easier, everyone moves on, why can't I. Therefore I'm heading out on a good cheery note.

When the truth is, I'll miss you

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