Sunday, July 31, 2011

Eh... Stuff

Just a bunch of stuff has happened since my last visa post. Some positive others just blah. For starters, I got my wisdom teeth off recently so I've just been under meds and not all there. Let's go back to the Saturday of my last rotary meeting. So the meeting was more of a lunch where two of the three outbounds from this past year were and talked about their time abroad. Both of them went to Europe; one in Belgium and the other in France. There I received my business cards, which I'm not too satisfied about :p, more Rotary Texas pins to trade, and my name tag. It was an enriching experience over all.
I'm not that short, every one's just really tall :p

On the 25th of this month I purchased my plane ticket ! :D So that's always exciting. I'll be doing two stops, one in Dallas, TX and another in the London airport. English accents! Yea. I'm soso on this, I've never actually flown on my own, so I'm hoping not to miss my flight, but I have good times between flights. I'll be arriving in Paris at 1pm. Hopefully I'll be wide awake to sight-see if I'm taken :)).

A week after going in to get my visa, it arrived at my house. Now, I was excited to see it in the envelope, but once I saw my limit to be in the country, I was just disappointed. I honestly thought I would be given lee-way for an entire year. I wasn't planning on staying exactly a year, but I would have loved to stay for Bastille Day, which is like their Independence on the 14th of July. I have to return by July 1st, 2012 :/. My school in France doesn't even end by then, so this is the downer of France. I'm not excited to go anymore. If I do end up liking it, I'll have to be home before summer even starts. So I'm kind of hoping I want to come home early, I don't know. I'll see if I can do anything to extend it by a few weeks or days. Anything will help. I'd like to come back July 16th, sometime around there.


My sister left to Peru to do a semester in a University there yesterday ! I sometimes wonder 'what if' I would have chosen South America :DD. Oh well, c'est la vie. So that's about all that's been going on :))

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