Saturday, September 10, 2011

Paris !

September 1st, 2011

Lovely, Beautiful, Magical, and I didn't even see much of this spectacular city. My host mom took me to visit Paris for a bit with my host brother. We went on a train that got us there in about 40min or so; it sure felt a lot faster than traveling by car. As well as relaxing to say the least. 
 Paris is a huge city that has so much to offer therefore I got tired before I could see all the iconic landmarks. Well part of the reason why I did get tired was because The Eiffel Tower was the first thing on the list to visit. After making our way through the undergrounds of Paris (metros), we made it to the famous antenna, because that is what it is in fact. Actually seeing it in person is so surreal, I honestly can't describe how it felt, I was in awe ! Pictures and videos can not justify the impact it leaves on its beholders. Absolutely nothing. 

At the Eiffel Tower, we were planing on taking the elevator that takes you to the top, but the line ended up being immensely huge to wait on, so my host brother and I decided to take the stairs. Which at first sounded like a great idea, No waiting in line, but I was probably regretting that thought 668 steps later. But my oh my, what an accomplishment ! I actually hiked the Eiffel Tower on foot, pretty amazing if I do say so myself. The views are spectacular as well !
The line for the elevator. Lazy tourists, jk

  After the Tower, we headed to the Champs Elysee, where so many people of all countries and France strut the streets. It's a massive area with so many high end shops and universal favorites like McDonald's.
Man was I tired after all the walking and climbing. I was done for the day without even having seen other famous Paris locations. The good thing is that I live somewhat close to this city, so there is no doubt that I'll be going back.