Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Never Ending Dinners

I don't know if I will ever get used to family dinners. I'm not talking about family as in household, but when we have visitors. Just to clear that out.
They can literally take about four hours composed of eating delicious French food, talking about just about anything: art, history, politics... I believe so, I don't speak French yet. But with the little knowledge I have, I believe that's what they talk about, OK.
So far I have only had two long dinners, and they both left me exhausted. At first I start off well and alert, trying to understand; picking out words here and there. Towards the end though, hmm, I'm so worn out. I guess my brain tries to process too much with all the conversations going on at once. French French French Francais Francais Francais, yes, too much. So I just sit there and eat. Best thing to do.
Speaking about food. There's an abundance on that too. So many different servings of almost everything. From the first dinner, I have learned to grab small portions so I can make it to dessert, which is always good cake. Spoons are used to eat cake by the way.
I don't have a picture of dinner, but here's a picture of the family pet Mayo :p

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