Thursday, August 25, 2011


That pretty much explains it. I'm in France now, and it is just lovely. I arrived yesterday at about 1pm with an ok flight. It wasn't all that bad, but I didn't enjoy it much because, well, it was long.
Normandy is so green and very peaceful and it's not that far from Paris, probably about 2 hours I would say. I didn't tour around Paris, but on the way through it, I did get to see the notorious Eiffel Tour from the distance ! It was great feeling. I'm in France !

Both Elbeuf and Cadube-les-Elbeuf are beautiful towns that are just so different in their looks from the cities in the US. Cobblestone streets, Normandy architecture for their buildings that are so close to each other. Also the streets, woa, they are so tiny, I would say that a lane in Brownsville, TX is both lanes in comparison to them here.

My family is really great and patient. They are talkitive, as in French though, so I have to attempt to understand. A lot of the times I do understand what they are trying to say, maybe not word for word, but I get the picture.

Today I went to my future school to get my schedule. I don't really remember my classes, but I know I'm taking math, english literature, french, geography. I think, I'll repost when I'm sure. I also went to the store, think of walmart, but with other little stores inside it, to get my picture taken for my bus card and school.
my school

Seems as though everything is working out fine.

I smell really good food cooking downstairs :))

A bientot !!

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