Saturday, August 27, 2011

Quatrième Jour

4th Day

Today was somewhat more a chill day. I woke up early, which is a lot different from my normal like back in America. Actually two nights ago I woke up at 2am because there was a massive rain storm that woke me up because it caused the window sills to move all over the place, so I had to close them. I really do enjoy keeping my window open, it's too cute :p.
Anyways, today I went with my host mam to buy my cell phooone ! So that's exciting. Phones here are pretty cheap I must say. I kept seeing phones for 1euro, which i think mine was too. Well I got my phone, but I somehow blocked it and now it won't work 'till Monday. Is coo, don't matter, I have no one to call, well txt since my plan consist of unlimited texting and about an hour of calling.

I wan to discuss stores, like Walmart type of stores. They are so so different from the ones back home. They are pretty advanced if I say so myself. You could either check out normally or carry around the laser that marks the prices and scan everything as you go along. I guess once you're finished you insert your credit card in the laser and it charges you. That's pretty new to me :p. I guess I'll have to take video of my time in a store someday  :))

First time in IKEA today. It is a huge ass store. 'nough said

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