Wednesday, June 1, 2011

It's About Toiime!

The long awaiting news for the question has found an answer. The question was, "Where in Normandy was I going to recide?", and now I know the answer to it!

I will live in a town called Caudebec les Elbeuf , it's a mouth-full, but lovely never the less. It might be a village compared to my almost 200,000 population of a city, with a approxamately 10,000 inhabitants. Not sure if that incudes the farmn animals... Anyways, all jokes aside. My host sister was the one to contact me via fb, and I learned that I will have a animated mother who works in the business area, a retired father, and am older brother. My host sister will be doing her exchange in South Korea, how exotic :).
Back to Caudebec les Elbeuf, I'm not going to lie, at first I was a bit shocked that I didn't get Rouen as my city because the French girl coming to my city is from there, so it's logical to assume I was going to that city. But after some poundiring, I'm very happy that I got a town of such a size. I'll be able to get around with no problem and maybe meet more people that way. Plus, after France, I'm going to attend a University that is huuuge in population, so it'd be nice to have a peaceful town :). It's also right along the famous Seine River and about an hour and thirty minutes from Paris!!!
Where it's located

Attractive Pictures of the place

The school I'll be attending is called Lycée André Maurois. It looks and offers many lovely classes! My host sister told me there is a teacher that teaches Spanish that is from South America, something like that!

Now to the end of my high school life in the US. Today was the last day I'd take classes at school. It's bittersweet to know I graduate on Saturday :))

Happy International Exchange Student's Day! :p

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  1. wooow coool!!! and your school looks wonderful! :)