Friday, May 13, 2011

A Bit of an Update

Since my last post, I did e-mail the YEO of my district in France, and he was busy to send me the info I wanted :p. So I guess I'll keep playing the waiting game...
Last weekend I went to a Rotary convention where a lot of the members of the clubs in my district attended. The inbound and outbound exchange students also had to go, so they were the only ones that made it fun. I won't say that the entire convention was a bore, because there was some interesting speeches, but, most of it was kind of boring :p. I did however find out the name of the French student coming to my city! Nobody even told me, I noticed it in a PowerPoint my exchange coordinator did :p. I also got the notorious Rotary blazer, and got some pins from Brazil, Belgium, and my district to bedazzle it :D! So that lasted from Thursday afternoon to Sunday, but I left early Saturday because all the other students left to attend their prom. When I did get home I e-mailed the French student and found out she lives in Rouen!! It's a very lovely city, but I'm still not 100% sure that I am going there. More waiting I suppose.
few inbound students and the outbound crew

French inbound and me :)
new blazers :D

So that's about the interesting things that happened at that convention. Tomorrow I have my last inbound outbound meeting/party! :o I have to do a PowerPoint over France and introduce myself in French... I think I can achieve this. I should by now. The day is almost approaching!! Woaa :))

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