Thursday, June 23, 2011

The Form Is In !

Yes that's right, I have finally received the guarantee form (GF) that will allow me to commence the process of attaining my visa. I thought it would have been a two page thing, but it's more like a 10 page thing. Which is completely fine, since that means I get more information.
I will have a family of four: a mother named Veronique, a father named Patrick, a 20 year old brother named Maxime, and an 18 year old sister named Sophie. Unfortunately I will not spend time with my host sister because she'll be having an amazing year in South Korea. I think I've mentioned this in a previous post. I have been messaging with my host sister, but now since I have my host mother's email, I'll email her in terrible french soon :)). I hope my effort is much appreciated either way.

According to my GF, I will be receiving a monthly allowance of 60 Euros, which isn't too bad considering it's money I did not count on having. Now, about my future school. I will be in premiere, which is also known as 11th grade :/, in the literature (L) path. Now, if I didn't know better, I would be a bit upset about being in a grade with kids two years younger, but I've learned that the students in their final year, terminale, study so so so much that they really don't have time to do much; so I've heard, therefore I'm OK with 11th. Now about L being my career path... honestly I saw it coming since a majority of exchange students going to France get placed in this one out of Science (S) and Economics (ES), but I don't even enjoy English literature, never the less French literature. Not to mention I don't speak French, but I'm also happy with this because students in this field not only focus only on literature, but as well in geography and other languages.

In the end, I'm content with my placement so far. I'm really looking forward in boarding that plane on August 23rd.


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