Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Plans for the Weekend

Hello, people. Well, this past Saturday I met with the Rotary Youth Exchange Chair, I don't mean the inatimate object chair btw. So I met with him to make half of my payment :DD, $500 cash money to be exact. So that's out of the way now, halfway there. Rotary is really inexpensive compared to other programs out there...AFS... yea, I'm very grateful for the Rotary Exchange Program, they have made all this possible for me. I love you Rotary. :) I also kind of turned in my application, I just need some signatures and the teacher recommendation part. And this Saturday I have the RYE Christmas Party! :) I hope it's fun, but before the party I have to take my ACT :ppp, not what I want, but it's for the benefits of my future...

Well that's about all the Exchange gossip i have. Not all that exciting, but i'm sure it will be once 2011 rolls in... I hope


  1. Awesome :) Look forward to hearing more.
    I'm going with AFS, it is expensive, but it suited me best. I've already got half the tuition money :)

    Good luck with ACT

  2. Thanks : ))

    Congrats on getting so far with your tution. Hope you hear from AFS soon. :))