Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Alacka Day!

Good Morrow, well today was the annual Renaissance Festival that every senior class organizes and runs. And I believe we did a good job at improvising. I did a booth with a friend of mine and it was a big hit. Apperantly a lot of people would pay to pie their friends in the face. hmm :/ . So that was an all day event and now i'm exhausted.

The famous "Whip It Good" booth, and friend :)
Our booth sign
(Some of my senior class in costume)

Over on to my exchange... I'm going to France!!! Oui! Finally I know what country I'm going to. No more responding to people "Idon't know, but I'm going somewhere ;p" So yess, France it is. I'll know what district I go to once I submit my application and it arrives in France. Until then, I'll finish it up, and learn some much need French. Mind you, I've never taken a legit French class, I've kind of been unlucky to go to schools where French isn't an offered language. I'll figure something out. Oh yea, and I should be in France before August 24 !

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