Sunday, October 31, 2010

Officially In !

  Hiii, well yesterday, Saturday, I went to the Rotary Youth Exchange interview/ get together. I arrived at the house we were meeting up at around 9ish am, and it was nice. Other exchange students were there, the same ones I met in the first meeting and other soon to be exchange students. Suprisingly we were all girls, hmm. The first activity we did was carve pumpkins, I've never carved one before, hm, intresting. We chated a bit and it was nice meeting students that have gone because they can tell you what you might feel in a few months or so :D. Like I met this girl who just came back from Germany, and she was communicationg really well with the German exchange students in well, German of course :). She went to Germany without knowing any German what so ever. That will be me. Je ne parle pas Francais. I probably spelled that wrong :p. I had my interview there. They asked things that you should know, because it's all about you. It went really well, I have the charm to make people laugh I guess ;)).
If you want to know specific questions, you can ask. I'll be happy to tell you :D. But I hear that it varies with districts, but is all good. So they wrote down 4 possible choices to where i might be sent to. France, Belgium, Italy, and the Netherlands. I know I've been saying how much I want France, and I still do, but I've been thinking a lot about Italy. Maybe I'm just over thinking everything. I want the perfect exchange. I'm sure it'll be perfect in any country :D
I can't wait until they tell me where... Where I'm I going officially !

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