Sunday, October 3, 2010

Good Times Going to Come

Alright... soo, since my last post, I still have not heard back from France. That was a bit of a shocker to me because most of the times messages are replied to right away. Maybe my district president did not foward the email to me like usually does. That's besides the point though. So on Oct. 30th I have my official interview!!!! Yes, oui!! It will be sort of like a gathering as well between the future outbound students and the inbound students. I've met some of the inbound students already, but I have others to meet. :))) This meeting is sort of casual considering there will be a swiming pool and tennis court to be used by us, Rotary is pretty casual. So fly :PP. I really can't wait for this, it just makes it so much real. This meeting will also be used to interview the rents, so it's the real deal. Keepin' it reeeaal. I have to try and finish my application by the 23rd of this month, whiich, i just probably get going with it. I'm so busy, I started on the letter to the host family already, just haven't finished it. But I will soon, I also have to do college applications and try to raise my GPA a bit more. Take some SATs and ACTs. Ahh! But after the storm, i will hopefully start my voyage to either France or Belgium :D.
I've been thinking of applying to another program called NSLI-Y for the summer program. It seems promising, it's free if i get the scholorship, so why not. Anything that is free and is of good meaning should be taken into consideration.What will I be loosing with applying, a bit of time only. I think I will consider going to Turkey for the summer. Learn some Turkish and eat some kebabs. I think... well that's all i have for now.


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