Tuesday, September 7, 2010

France...perhaps ??

Ok, so I loved the idea of going to Belgium, but France has always been on my mind ever since 6th grade. When my district's president sent a message to both Belgium and France asking if they would accept me they both said yes, but I guess he thought I wanted Belgium. I've been thinking about it a lot lately and I decided that eventhough France's life style is a lot more expensive, I would much rather sacrifice all that in order to spend the best 10 months of my life there! So i sent my local YE president an e-mail confessing my love for France and if there was a chance I can be placed there. Today I found out that he fowarded my e-mail to the French District and asked them if they would host me!!! I hope to find out tomorrow their response. I am grateful to which ever country they send me, but if there is a slight chance to be sent to my dream country, why not try to go for it??

So if anyone wants something, I suggest you go for it. Don't live with the "What if's". : D SI SE PUEDE!!

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