Monday, August 23, 2010

First Meeting :) and other stuff

Alrighty, howdy... yea no, i don't really say that eventhough i'm from Texas. So this past Friday I had my first real RotaryYouth Exchange meeting. I think it went well. Met the nice representatives and the others involved. I also met 3 of the foreigners that have just arrived. They were all girls from Belgium, France, and Germany. And 2 other rotex, i think that's how they call them, they are basically the people that had done an exchange before with the program. The director of the Youth Exchange said i would be going to.... Belgium! Which after some talk with the Belgium girl I think i'm satisfied :)). Because it's a small country, I can travel to many other countries around. France as well since I'll be living at the border most likely :)). We took pictures as a group. At first when the director said, "OK, it's picture time". I didn't get up because I thought it was only for the kids that came and the ones that went. But he said me too, so this means it's certain :D. How exciting! The director also passed out the yearly schedule with many activities planned, which makes it even more real!!
Group photo of the "crew" i suppose :p

Alright to other news not relating to the abroad. So Yesterday, Sunday, I went bike riding with my budy jackie and we went to a Raspa stand that's pretty far from my house. We were biking for about 3 hours :). I hadn't done it all summer, and i missed it. I'll do it tomorrow again, but just to the park this time. I also started school today :/, but i suppose this year will be better because I have something to look foward to. I had a nice first day, even if i do have tough classes. It's all good. Hope it stays this way :D

Raspa Shop with our bikes there :))

Alright, that's it for aujourd'hui (TODAY) okok
byebye :)

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  1. Hi! I saw you commented on my blog :) That is awesome that you're taking a gap year. I can't believe you already know your country- we didn't find out until December in my district. Anyway, best of luck! Belgium sounds like it will be amazing.