Sunday, December 12, 2010

Christmas Party

This past Saturday I had a Christmas Party that was sponsored by my local Rotary district. I enjoyed myself very much because there was so many international people there. I met people I hadn't met before, inbounds and future outbounds as well. There was this girl who is doing the New Generations program (ages 19-25) that had just arrived from Brazil on Wednesday. I spoke to her the little Portugese I know and she said I have a Sao Paulo accent. I felf flattered. Hmm, maybe I should try to learn Portugese after French. I'll see how it goes. I spoke a lot with the French exchange student that is here for now, trying to improve my French as much as I can. Not an easy thing to do though, I honestly think I'll leave without knowing enough to get around :p. She was telling me though that her host brother that is living in France left without knowing any French at all and after four months he's really good. So I hope that's my story as well :DD. I also met this other girl who is going to Itay, and we agreed to visit each other. I hope I'm allowed to do that with Rotary.... So I noticed not many boy do exchanges as much as girls do, there was only one boy that was at the Christmas party, and he just recently decided to do it because he was barely being interviewed there... Another reason why girls are more logical than boys. :)) At the party we all did a gift exchange and I recieved Starbucks coffee cups and coffee, very neat :D

On to other news. Well this past summer I went to Germany with a program called GAPP (German American Pertnership Program) and I met many people because I went to school for a while and so on. So my school does exchanges with that school and therefore my school has 2 German exchanges. I met them while I was in Germany. And one of them has been having problems with her host family. I decided to host her because I would want someone to do the same if i was having the same problems if I was abroad. It should be a good experience.

                                            Some of the people i met while in Germany : ))

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